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Monday, June 15, 2009
Protester helps police
A Moussavi supporter aids a policeman in Tehran, June 13, 2009.
Photo: Twitter via #newiran #iranelection

esterday, Ahmedinejad called his supporters into the street to celebrate his election "win". He gathered a considerably larger mass than the crowds protesting the apparently rigged election over the previous two days. Of course there was no risk for A'jad's supporters, since all his government apparatus would be encouraging his people to come out and celebrate.

Those opposition gatherings, spontaneously erupting all over the country, have been facing the truncheons of the Basij thugs and riot police (as well as Venezuelan and Hezb'Allah reinforcements, according to reports). Comparable turnouts should not be expected for both sides.

And yet, this is what happened late this afternoon in Tehran. Mir Moussavi shows up to address a massive crowd of people who don't accept the election result. A phenomenal showing for a peaceful protest that, last I heard, was denied legal permission by the authorities.

Here is Mr. Ahmedinejad's answer. Look carefully at the size of the crowd shown toward the end of the clip (taken from satellite here in Bangkok about 10 pm, or 1500 GMT Monday).


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