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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

o, not really. But Nasrallah's boys must have been really disappointed that they had no pictures of their proudest moment of the latest war -- a lucky missile hit on an Israeli ship off the Lebanese coast. Never mind that the ship sustained minor damage, was towed back to Haifa, and returned to service within days. They desperately wanted a picture of that glorious moment to show the faithful, and so it came to pass.

The photo appeared on an Iran-based Hizb Allah website, and demonstrated not only the great power of the Party's kuffar-seeking missiles, and the ease with which they break the spine of even the toughest Jewish warship, but also the heretofore unknown existence of the Hizb Allah Air Force (aerial photographic division).

After the slew of photoshopped "news" and staged scenes that have come out of Lebanon over the past six weeks, it should come as no surprise that this purported moment of jihad success was in actual fact, the Royal Australian Navy, scuttling of one of their own ships eight years ago. It was undoubtedly lifted directly from the RAN's own website!

Come on, Habib. Doesn't Allah teach you not to lie? OK, forget I mentioned it. Too funny.

Cheers to Andrew Bolt for the fine work finding the original photo of the sinking of HMAS Torrens in 1998, and wai to Tim Blair (a daily must-read for me) for the tip. And don't miss the updates on both Tim's and Andrew's pages, with the "Reuters version" of the picture. Man, that lady really gets around!

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