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Saturday, January 27, 2007

just have to share this gem, which I heard last night on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. It was so good, I went to the video archive to find and transcribe it. It can be found starting around the 45 minute mark of the program for January 26.

It was an "open phones" segment, and one caller was quite funny in that he continually thought the host, Steve Scully was about to cut him off. He kept interupting himself in mid-sentence with, "Hello? Hello?"

Anyway, getting to his point, the caller made note of Sen. Hagel's and Sen. Biden's comments on the President's security plan, and says that he emailed them both a short letter, which he then read on the air. It seems timely today, with the new Defence Secretary, Bob Gates, widely quoted as saying that the various resolutions against the new security policy, including the sending of reinforcements to Baghdad, will serve only to embolden and give encouragement to the terrorist insurgency. Here's the letter.
Dear Troops,

From Senators Biden and Hagel,

We wish you good luck and Godspeed on your dead-end, doomed, mistaken, ill-advised, unlikely to succeed, fourth strike, unwinnable mission.

By the way, we have been told by the General whom we are about to confirm to lead this doomed mission, that this resolution that I am sponsoring in the Senate will not affect your morale. Senator Kennedy is glad to hear that too.

But the General says that it is likely to give your foes hope and greater will in the upcoming fight. Well, be that as it may, the mission is doomed anyway, so this probably won't really matter.

Thank you and good luck. We support you.


Senator Biden
Senator Hagel

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