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Monday, October 08, 2007

've taken to watching the news from "MRTV International" (Burma's state mouthpiece / broadcaster) the past few nights, and it certainly isn't as dull and boring as it used to be. Normally it's a string of stories like, "Secretary Two of the State Peace and Development Council visited the Yangon Central Railyard this morning for inspection of the new carriages, and left necessary instructions."

Currently, and interspersed with stories of how the country's "national races" are in full support of the government in carrying forth "the three main national causes" etc., are warnings and statements focused against the international media. Remember "sky-full of liars" which was noted by BBC and others just a few days after the crackdown began? Here are some fresh ones -- they are shown as text on a bluescreen background, as the narrator reads them. They'll pop up before the news, during the news and after the news, with each of these quotations getting its own screen:

"The public be warned, beware of killers in the airwaves - RFA, VOA and BBC."

"RFA, VOA and BBC airing skyful of lies."

"Skyful liars attempting to destroy the nation."

"RFA, VOA and BBC - vicious saboteurs watch your step!"

"BBC - lying!
VOA - deceiving!
RFA - setting up hostilities!"

"Beware! Don't be bought by those slickers!"

RFA is Radio Free Asia, which offers a Burmese language service like VOA and BBC, over shortwave.


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