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Saturday, February 16, 2008

nthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies was a prominent (and celebrated by the left) skeptic of the Bush Administration's surge of additional forces into Iraq last year. He has made nine fact finding trips to Iraq on behalf of CSIS, and has just returned from a tour throughout the country with a decidedly more upbeat analysis.
"The defeat of al Qaeda is a very clear, very striking result."
AllahPundit has more on Cordesman's change of heart. Cordesman also appeared last night (my time) on Washington Journal, and his opening overview of the situations in both Iraq and Afghanistan are worth listening to.

I wish I'd been able to capture his delicious smackdown of one particularly extreme moonbat caller, but at 8pm the satellite switches from C-SPAN back to VOA in Armenian, so I only got 8 minutes of this (and watched the rest on the web). The whole thing is on the Washington Journal page at C-SPAN.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit covers the Iraqis' celebration of the surge anniversary.

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