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Monday, March 24, 2008

must share this with you all, courtesy of the (very prolific lately) YouTube channel mayyoubekind. It's a 10 minute segment from the film "Cry of the Snow Lion" which recounts the events of September, 1987, when Tibetans last rose up (in anything close to the current scale) against their Chinese rulers. First-hand eyewitness accounts are given by Dr. Blake Kerr and John Ackerly, alongside rare film and video footage of the uprising.

In particular, this clip includes the story of Jampa Tenzin, a Buddhist monk. This man of incredible courage and love never lost his compassion for the oppressor; though he went through fire and hell, and gave his life. He emerged victorious. Watch the video.

I watched the end of Les Miserables on tv last night with a friend. The powerful scene in the city square, of the might of the state on ceremonial parade when out of nowhere comes a horse-rider brandishing a flag, charging into the centre of the pomp. The freedom-hungry citizens in rags around the periphery, first one and then hundreds, chant "Long Live the Republic!" and the revolution is on.

It seemed to have some resonance.

The Totalitarian Torch is about to be lit as I post this. I will monitor the sat feed for anything interesting.

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