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Saturday, March 22, 2008
Wanted posters
MSN and Yahoo help the Chinese government track down wanted Tibetans. Yahoo put the wanted posters on its front page.

he Microsoft Network MSN and Yahoo China are once again aiding the Chinese government to hunt down and capture its opponents.

The 24 Tibetans who appeared on Yahoo's most wanted homepage yesterday may or may not be guilty of a crime. But since when is it the business of the top international web portals to be working for the Chinese government in tracking down either dissidents or criminals?

Well, let's see. Since always?
Yahoo's human rights values have been under fire since it was revealed that the company helped the Chinese police in its inquiry over the journalist Shi Tao, who had an email account with Yahoo. He was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2005 for "divulging state secrets". After that case, it was also found out that Yahoo had provided evidence against at least three other Chinese dissidents. Following the allegations, the company had to offer an explanation to the American congress.
Disgusting behaviour from these companies, in return for their right to make tons of money in China. Two of the 24 have already been caught.

Wai to sophie pilgrim for the tip.

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