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Monday, April 14, 2008

just don't know what I can say about this. I'm feeling rather speechless right now. This war of words between PRC patriots and Tibetan patriots has seemed to have escalated into something truly ugly, far more than words, and getting uglier by the day.

If you really want to know how ugly it is, please read this. But do it just a little later, I have something to show you and it won't take long.

Last week I was drawn to a YouTube video by a comment on one of my own videos (I've deleted the link now, gave up on it, there were thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of views on that one). It was a clip of the "vicious attack" on a handicapped Chinese girl who was carrying the torch in Paris. No "vicious attack" was visible in any way in that video, but the PRC patriot commenters were ready for war. The girl, Jin Jing, is now a national hero in China. Such a shame that an innocent girl is being used in this way.

Links to further "proof" of the despicable behaviour of "Tibetans" were provided among those comments, including to this photo:

'Tibetan' attacks

Yesterday, my headline watcher picked up on this post on Big Lizards blog (don't worry, I've already contacted him about the soldiers with monks' robes picture, which was included but not relevant to this particular deception). The above picture was widely disseminated in China, and according to Mr. Ching (a Chinese blogger in Japan), some bloggers (in China) tried to find the identity of the "attacker". What they actually found was more shocking yet. [update: oops, forgot to wai the reason I found Sachi's post at Big Lizards in the first place. All due to having Instapundit in my feed-reader. So a big wai to Glenn.]

'Tibetan' goes to rally (crop)

Here's the "attacker" on his way to the rally. Just so you can clearly identify him as the same fellow, it's a crop from this photograph:

'Tibetan' and friends

Oh my goodness, look who his friends are! And I'll just bet that's one of those "useful idiot" (once again, Stalin's phrase I believe) Americans of the Far Left persuasion at his left shoulder. Probably got a few hundred copies of Parenti's tract on "Feudal Tibet" in that shoulder bag too. With this much high emotion (and patriotism!) at play, I find it hard to believe the two opposing groups would be mingling like this. A couple more Tibetan flags are seen behind.

And just for giggles, here's one more from the contingent. I sure wish we could see the rest of that "Free Tibet" sign, just to confirm that it doesn't say "Free Tibet from Murderous Lama-lovers" or something. But I'll go with my gut here. "You've got dark skin, you play the Tibetan today."

another 'Tibetan' and friends

The "attacker" was mis-identified somehow as a Tibetan living in Utah, and now his life is hell. He receives obscene death-threats from PRC "patriots", and he hasn't even been anywhere near Paris (the story misplaces the location of the "attack" as London, but it was Paris).

Are any Chinese out there getting ashamed yet?

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