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Sunday, August 27, 2006

ho'd have thought? Jeff Goldstein, master of disguise, goes undercover to examine public attitudes in Denver towards a people-powered peoples' movement to end something called "Zionazism." He conducts the experiment under two identities: a gently hip "progressive" and a southern redneck "paleocon" (who moves like he has a corn cob stuffed somewhere, or maybe several).  The results are hilarious.

Jeff is one of my favourite bloggers, and he's a natural at this video blogging thing. The best part is the news that his "Citizen Journalist Report" will be a regular Friday feature on Hot Air TV. If the first episode is an indication, this will be the place for smart, funny and thought provoking material (like his protein wisdom), sure to drive his detractors to conniptions, and the ladies wild. Goldstein, you magnificent bastard!

Dr. Frisch is liable to go completely bonkers now... though it looks like she doesn't have much further to travel. She had dreamt of becoming the next radical stalker lesbian feminist Stephen Colbert (through the fame gained by veiled threats and sexual innuendo toward Jeff's young son, and her ensuing notoriety), while her nemesis now goes on to do something even cooler. Sweet justice.

Watch the first Citizen Journalist Report. Betcha can't watch it just once!

"Hey man, you've got a ponytail. You're supposed to be helping."

"Hey! You have a tatoo. That used to mean something, man."

Do not imbibe beverages while watching this.

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