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Sunday, August 27, 2006

the two FOX reporters held by a Palestinian terrorist group, correspondent Steve Centanni and photographer Olaf Wiig, have been freed in Gaza after two weeks of capitivity.

The hitherto unknown group calling itself the "Holy Jihad Brigade" had earlier made the price for the men's release a laughably unattainable demand -- freedom for every Muslim held in United States prisons. This would have to amount to hundreds of thousands of convicts, a fairly stupid demand to make even by Palestinian terrorist standards.

So the group, under pressure from Palestinian politicians, modified their price for the infidel lives. The FOX News kuffar reporters (canine animals are "filthy and forbidden things" under fundamentalist Islam, by the way) were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint. Which, it's hard to see how that would do anything to exalt their religion in the eyes of anyone at all.

In a statement from the kidnappers prior to the men's release, the group claimed to have given them a choice, which included
... to choose either Islam, a tax imposed on non-Muslims to be paid to a Muslim ruler, or war.

"They chose Islam and that is a gift God gives those whom he chooses," the statement said.
It's a bit hard to square that with having a gun pointed at one's head, but such are the intellects of Islamist fascists, as we've seen time and time again.

The latest photo gallery of the men's release is here, including screen caps from their "conversion" videos. Thankfully this was a win-win outcome. Steven and Olaf get to keep their heads, and the Islamist fascists of the "Holy Jihad Brigade" revealed themselves as simple-minded idiots. So, cheers all around.

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