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Friday, September 01, 2006

othing surprises me anymore, when it comes to Bush Derangement Syndrome. A new, made for British TV movie which will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this month, features his assassination. Is it a "progressive's fantasy?" I'd like to think not, but....

One simply can't parody the mental illness of Bush hatred anymore -- whatever loopy conspiracy theories the most feverish mind can dream up, it's already been promoted in proggy circles. This movie sounds like it will be high potency meth for BDS addicts. If Bush really is Hitler, who in their right mind wouldn't want to kill him, right? I'm almost certain that, in that Toronto theatre when the assassination scene plays, the entire audience erupts into a standing ovation.

The Anchoress has a wonderful essay on this today (wai Pajamas Media) which should be read in full. Here's a sample:
I know many in the blogosphere, on the left are thrilled with this “docudrama” idea. And many on the right are appalled and enraged. I personally think that this idea is “too-cute by half,” and that aside from feeding those who so hunger for it, it is going to repel the rest, especially those who do not “love” the president, but who do not “hate” him, either.

The film will have its apologists in the media, of course, people who will harrumph and sneer at the rubes of the world who don’t recognise how daring and sophisticated it all is. And no doubt, some wild-eyed rightwing person will be brought on the air, somewhere, to hyperventilate over the piece and quote scripture, for the edification and amusement of the sophisticates.

But for the rest of the world, the folks who are not mad from ideological overdosing, I think The Bush-haters and their Derangement Syndrome may have just jumped the shark.
A good example of the meaning of that phrase, "jumped the shark" (I've been a little bit hazy myself on usage for that one, being long out of the North American pop culture environment - I think I get it now). Gaius, over at Blue Crab Boulevard is also hoping for this display of creepy fantacism to backfire:
All the vitriol leading up to this final orgasm of hatred may show them for what they are and finally discredit this vile behavior. All the projection in the world will not hide what they have become. They speak of a right-wing attack machine. What, then is this? A veritable cesspool for them to wallow in.
One of my countrymen, Damian Penny writing from lovely Cornerbrook, Newfoundland is not surprised that this pseudo-progg fantasy will have its debut in Toronto the Good. Damian writes:
And does anyone believe this piece of ultra-left wish-fulfillment won't be shown on CBC Newsworld over the next year or so?
Apparently CBC's Newsworld fell deeply in love with Michael Moore, so you can probably expect this film showing before the end of the year.

More thoughts on this strange project over at Hot Air, by AllahPundit and Bryan Preston.

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