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Sunday, September 10, 2006

round the end of last year, I was greatly moved by this video, which had been sent anonymously to Michael Yon, and which I wrote about here. I wished for more people to see it, and uploaded it to YouTube but was not happy with the lesser picture quality that resulted. So I loaded it on Putfile, made the screencap montage for our sidebar, and linked it through here. The author of the piece remained a mystery.

A few days ago I was sent a message through YouTube, from the serviceman who created this inspiring piece. Please watch it now, if you haven't yet done so (apparently it expired on Putfile at some point - I've uploaded it again, sorry about that).

SPC Ronald Wright was (I'm glad to say) happy to see his work in the public domain, and has given me permission to quote from his email to me on how the piece came into being. I'm very happy to be able to update the earlier post to reflect the credit for his work on this inspiring piece of work. He writes:
I was currently deployed to Iraq when the December Elections came around. Being apart of 55h Combat Camera in the Army, we were tasked to go out to the polling sites and capture the day. I was asked to stay back with the Joint Combat Camera Imagery Management Team, so that we can process the imagery and expedite the information out of Iraq. I was also tasked with making a video for the commanding general (Brigidier General Vangiel at the time). As imagery was coming in all day, I was able to come up with a final product after sitting in front of my laptop for 18 hours. Little was I aware that 24 hours later the video was being presented to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I am very proud and honored to have been a part of such a great event in Iraq history, and to have been able to spread the news worldwide and touch so many hearts.

55th Combat Camera Company
Ft. Meade, MD
Email - ronald.wrightjr@us.army.mil
The credit on the video will now read:
All imagery is taken by joint Combat Camera units (Army, Air Force, and Marines).
The video was edited by SPC Ronald Wright, 55th Combat Camera Company.
The music is Aaron Copelands "Fanfare for the Common Man" played by the Marine band.

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