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Thursday, October 11, 2007

ere are a couple of tastes of what it's like to be arrested by the SPDC (or as I like to call them, SPADCO). These were in broad daylight, so keep in mind that this kind of stuff has also been going on in the middle of the night over the past two weeks, with people dragged out of their homes. The source of these videos is Democratic Voice of Burma, based in Oslo. Both these arrests were carried out on August 25, when the citizens' protests were gaining steam and before the monks became involved.

The first clip looks like it may have been shot outside a western mission in Rangoon as one courageous man, U Ohn Than stands alone displaying a sign. Watch closely or you'll miss what became of him -- he's in the truck you see driving away. Filming such things openly is extremely risky, and the citizen journalist does not know who is a government thug and who isn't -- they don't need no steenking uniforms.

No explanation is needed here, except that the kidnapped man is Burmese human rights activist Htin Kyaw. This is how fascist states enforce compliance.


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