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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

hinese and Burmese military officers met yesterday in the Kachin Independence Organisation's (KIO) controlled area of northern Burma, which borders China's Yunnan province. The KIO is a so-called "ceasefire group" among Burma's many insurgent ethnic groups. That means they cooperate with the junta in exchange for being left out of its many ethnic wars.

Eight Chinese officials led by a high ranking military officer from Baoshan military base in Yunnan came to the meeting in Laiza town near the border inside Kachin territory, where they met for two hours with 20 Burmese military officials at a hotel, the Kachin News Group said. KNG is one of the democratic opposition exile news agencies based in Thailand.

The KIO yesterday arrested two Tibetan activists who had fled Yunnan for Laiza, as the Chinese were hunting them. Chinese authorities provided information on the two Tibetans to the KIO, insisting that they be captured and handed over. The two political activists were captured by KIO forces in Laiza town, and handed over to the Chinese soon afterwards. The Tibetans were not identified.

The CCP regime and Burmese junta are soul-mates in repression. There is no sense expecting Beijing to exert any good offices towards democratic reform in Burma. They have no wish to influence the Burmese in that direction. The ways they demonize monks, raid their monasteries to come up with bogus "evidence" of violence, send out agents in monks' disguise for various reasons, dish out the most ridiculous propaganda... I don't know who's been learning from whom.

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