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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

isten to these accounts of life in occupied Tibet.

Pema Namgyal is a young Canadian from Tibet. His brother and sister in Lhasa were taken from their home on March 17, along with dozens of their neighbours. They've been missing more than 2 weeks now.

He also describes a compulsory meeting he attended 14 years ago, for a high Chinese official. (I hate to be saying this again, but) It sounds so much like the Burma regime! Residents are forced to get up and all go to some official function, they must wear their "best dress", they must all clap on cue following a cheerleader, and it's all filmed for later use. It's on MRTV 3 (junta international) every night.

But usually the people clapping for the cameras can understand what's being said (some remote areas of Burma not necessarily included). The Tibetan audience Pema was in didn't understand a word that was said. The official spoke only in Chinese.

Good video. Strong content warning near the end though, it includes two of the recent pictures from Kirti monastery. Pema also gives a good answer to the CCP charges just today, that Tibetans were planning suicide attacks. I've had YouTube commenters calling His Holiness the "Osama of the Himalayas".

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