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Sunday, April 20, 2008
Patriot for sale
A supporter of PRC human rights policy is restrained by Thai police after trying to attack Tibet supporters behind their barricade (I personally saw this one), during the Olympic torch relay in Bangkok on April 19, 2008.
Photo: AP / Apichart Weerawong

t seems that the fired up rage I saw yesterday from Chinese foreign students in Bangkok, was likely the best rage the Chinese government's money could buy. I qualify it with the word "likely" since this is what is going on in the US right now.

Phayul reporter Phurbu Thinley writes that a good friend of his named Tenzin, who now lives in Minnesota, was surprised to see an unusually large contingent of pro-China campaigners protesting against the Human Rights Torch arrival at University of Minnesota on April 16. About 300 members of the Minnesota Tibetan community had taken a day off work to attend, along with the China Democracy Movement, Falun Dafa groups, Burmese democracy groups and others. He interviewed his friend via online chat.
What shocked Tenzin most was when a Chinese student carrying a pro-China banner approached him, in the midst of event, and asked him how much he got to take part in it; evidently with no idea of the whole torch relay event.

"What happened is that there were lots of pro-Chinese, and one of them came to me and asks me how much I got," Tenzin wrote in our usual online chat. "He thought I might be one of them (Chinese)," Tenzin went on.

"And then I asked him back (the same question) and he said he got 350 dollars (US) from the Chinese government to protest against us (Tibetans and human rights activists). He specifically told us that lots of students, almost all of them were paid to protest against Tibetans," he added.
That's not bad for an afternoon's "work," 350 bucks each! Tenzin learned from the Chinese student that the PRC patriots who counter-protested during the San Francisco leg of the Olympic torch relay were also paid for their attendance.
"So I asked him 'why are you protesting, I mean do you have any idea about what’s going on?' " Tenzin went on with his narration.

"That Chinese guy told me he didn’t know what’s going on," Tenzin wrote saying he literally had to explain to his Chinese counterpart in "detail" about what had been "going on in Tibet" and that the "Human Rights Torch Relay" is "not talking about Tibet at all".

According to Tenzin, on hearing the explanation, the bemused 'Chinese guy' later put his banner down to join Tibetans and other groups to denounce Chinese government of its human rights record...

Tenzin further wrote: "He doesn’t even know why he is protesting. And it’s not just him; he said most of the students who are pro-Chinese don’t know why they are protesting."
When asked how they would get the money from the Chinese government, the stranger told Tenzin that one of the students or a group leader would get the money from the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate, and then pay it out to individuals.

Later that day, Tenzin and many of the Tibetans drove two hours to Rochester, hoping to see and hear Dalai Lama at a conference at the Mayo Clinic. Again, many University of Minnesota Chinese students were there to protest against him.

Xinhua carried a story on Friday on this protest (link is on the Phayul page), headlined "Chinese Americans protest against Dalai Lama's separatist activities," and which went on to report: "American Chinese and Chinese students across the United States have been voluntarily and spontaneously staging a series of peaceful protests against the Dalai Lama's separatist activities as he tours the country."

Tricolour with modifications
Protesters hold a defaced French flag during a demonstration in Wuhan, Hubei province on April 19, 2008.
Photo: REUTERS / Stringer
Protests against French retailer Carrefour, and against France generally, are growing in many Chinese cities. Here we see some patriots holding the French Tricolour (click for larger view) nicely balanced with two Nazi swastikas and some interesting graffiti down the middle. It reads, "Jean d'Arc = prostitute; Napoleon = pervert; France = Nazi; FREE CORSICA!!!" How to win friends and influence people. I guess they really don't teach history over there. And I doubt they make anything like 350 bucks a day doing this in Wuhan.

Here's a bit more about that poor attempted-peacemaker student from Duke University who has had her life turned upside down, and that of her parents in China, due to appearing on a YouTube video trying to reason with some other Chinese students earlier this month. Her "outing" was performed by something called "human flesh search engines" -- a euphemism for the legions of Chinese internet inhabitants who tracked her down.

Someone has written a phony "apology" in her parents' names, which was widely circulated on the Internet.
"On behalf of Wang Qianyuan, we beg the forgiveness of the people of China, the forgiveness of all the Chinese in the world. We beg the entire nation to forgive her ignorance and give her an opportunity to rectify her mistake."
She told Radio Free Asia's Cantonese language service that the letter is fake, her parents have never seen it, and they told her to just ignore it if she sees it. They support her and say she did nothing wrong.
"My mother told me they support me. My father thinks he may have to change jobs—but he has no regrets. I just had a phone conversation with them. My father is firm in his position and mom also said 'Don’t worry.' "
She has received death threats and her parents' home has been vandalized. They remain in hiding, and she is living under police protection.

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda informed Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Friday that Tibet has now become an international issue. For China of course, Tibet is nobody's business but theirs. However many Tibetans they beat, arrest or kill, 'just shut up about it' is the official Chinese position.
"Prime Minister Fukuda stated that there was a need to face up to the reality that the matter has become an international issue and that it should not affect the Olympics," a foreign ministry statement said.

"It is desired that the Chinese side does all it can to solve the matter," it quoted Fukuda as saying.
Meanwhile, the Zenkoji Buddhist Temple in Nagano, which was slated to be the starting point for the Japan leg of the Olympic torch relay before resident monks withdrew last week, has been vandalised.
Six white spray paint graffiti patterns were found on pillars and sliding doors at the main sanctuary of the 1,400-year-old temple early Sunday, a spokesman for the Nagano prefectural police said...

The wooden sanctuary, designated as a national treasure by the government, is the main feature of the temple.
A country much more amenable to China's requirements is Nepal, whose authorities have said they authorize Nepali soldiers and police -- stationed on their side of Mount Everest in preparation for the torch run up the mountain -- to stop any protests by using lethal force if necessary. Nepal's Home Ministry spokesman Modraj Dotel said that police and soldiers "have been given orders to stop any protest on the mountain using whatever means necessary, including use of weapons." Killing protesters would be only a "last resort."

A massive denial-of-service attack against CNN's website was apparently planned to hit on Saturday, but a few hackers seem to have jumped the gun and given away the surprise. A new (to me) site to watch in this field is The Dark Visitor, which tracks the activities of Chinese hackers.
[M]any more Chinese sites, not just hacker, [are] starting to call for the DDOS attack on CNN. Also they are starting to solidify their plans.
The site has quite a list of Chinese websites calling for the attack. In a later update post, the site identifies the hacker group as "Revenge of the Flame," and says the attack was called off due to too many people knowing about it. The group has six "attack headquarters," 42 "Revenge of the Flame units," and even a RotF propaganda department. Quotes from a statement by Revenge of the Flame:
First, I want to thank everyone for their strong sense of nationalistic responsibility. However, maybe we were too impetuous. We love our country! We will resist all anti-Chinese influences! However, we must choose the right way to come to the defense of our country, families and ourselves!!! After some core internal discussions, we have decided to temporarily cancel the 19th attack plan! The Revenge of the Flame organization still exists! Later we can be a computer discussion organization, we will study together for the day our country needs us! Our government and military will all mobilize! At that time, we will let those so-called foreign net-forces see! No matter where, China will never lose to them! We also have our net-forces! Perhaps at that time, our Revenge of the Flame will be the main strength! We all love our country! But, we must use sensible methods to defend our honor!
OK!!! I believe you! Use sensible methods then! The attack has not been cancelled, only postponed.
We hope that even more people with the Chinese national blood will join our actions. Only in unity is there strength. We are not individuals, we are a collective, and we are Chinese.

17 April 2008
Magistrate? Is somebody perhaps living in one of those "golden age" Chinese movies? Bao Boon Jeen ("Judge Bao") was pretty popular here in Thailand a few years ago. I think maybe Magistrate Hackwolf is living in a parallel, legendary universe. I wonder how much money they can make doing this. Recall the SQL-injection / malware attacks on websites we talked about a few days ago, which included a built-in "pay-per-infection" scheme.

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